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Welcome to Jonah Koslen's website. Here you will find the most complete and thorough story on Jonah Koslen and his 40 years of songwriting, performing and recording his music. From founding member of the Michael Stanley Band to Breathless to Jonah Koslen and the Heroes to Stage Pass Now, Jonah's musical legacy has touched so many lives and left precious, lasting memories with everyone who has been fortunate enough to spend the time to become familiar with his music.

There is music to download and purchase, videos of concerts, photographs going all the way back, and a calendar of gigs and concerts.

Here you will find all you're looking for and more. This is www.jonah.com.co .

Some of What You'll Find Here

Breathless History and Updates
Music, Listen, Download, New Releases
T-shirts and CDs
(1978 - 1981)

The Michael Stanley Band
David Spero Blog on the Band's History
Music, Listen, Download, Updates
(1973 - 1977)

Jonah Koslen and the Heroes

Music, Listen, Download,
Aces, Orange,
Secret Origins
(1982 - 1984)

Jonah Koslen and Michael Stanley reunited
to form
The Ghost Poets,
and to record the "
Ghost Poets" CD, with the help
of veteran Cleveland musicians.

Jonah Koslen's "Stage Pass Now"

Updates, Concerts, Press, Blogs
Photos, Bios,
The Gear and T-shirts
(on tour now!)

Bandaloo Doctors
Loud and Proud, Blues Metal
Featuring Blues Legend Bonnie Bramlett

Jonah Koslen
Solo Projects
and Island Music

Skin Diver
Big Harmonies,
Big Hooks, Big Hair
Info, Listen, Download

One Man Island Band
Reggae | Calypso | Party Music
"When Did All My Good Times
Become Bad Habits"

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